Best dog training collar 2020

Apart from having normal nylon or leather collars that are attached to leashes for walking pets, shock collar for dogs popularly known as dog training collars is an electronic collar that is useful in correcting bad behavior. Using the best dog training collar you can easily tame stubborn and unruly pet from a distance.

Despite being very effective in remote training dog shock collars have attracted a lot of discussions as some people consider them inhumane. However, modern e-collar technology has advanced meaning they no longer shock the dog but produce humane electronic stimulation.

E-collar comprises of remote and collar. Collars are worn by the dog while remote is a walkie-talkie device that is held by the trainer. It is recommended that remote should be hidden so that the dog won’t associate you with the pain once the remote is activated. The small shock delivered on the dog neck by the collar deters him from doing something bad. The pain is not permanent therefore; it cannot injure your pet.

If you have not purchased, an electronic collar we are here to help you because it is a daunting task to choose the right one. In this article, we will review some of the best dog training collar 2019 available in the market. Below is a preview of our top three picks.

SpecificationDogtra edge long rangePetsafe yard dog training collarDog care training collar
Image and Price

Stimulation level




Number of dogs




Training range


400 yards

330 yards.

Best shock collars review

Wondering what is the best dog training collar. Below is a review of our top picks. Our review process involves vigorous testing of the device we choose. Even though we are a participant in the Amazon LLC Associates Program that earns us a fee to run this site that does not influence the product we choose.

Dogtra edge long-range

best long-range dog shock collar

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Dogtra Edge is a long-range dog shock collar designed for use by professional trainers and owners who are amateurs. You can easily customize Dogtra edge collar and expand to accommodate more dogs. It is the right choice for someone who owns more than one dog and willing to train them at the same time.

The remote is designed for single-hand operation offering modern technology of training several dogs at the same time. Each dog your train normally will have its button set with a different stimulation level depending on how sensitive he/she is. The LCD screen also allows the trainer to check the stimulation level and change it whenever there is a need. The LED light locator and Beacon are built in the receiver for easily locating your dog position in case you lose his track during the night.

Edge is one of the top dog-training collar that features two stimulation levels. These are

  • Nick-A quick stimulation lasting on ½ second.
  • Constant stimulation-Lasts for at least 12 seconds.

Another unique dog-training mode is Pager Vibration. It is useful in alerting dog-using vibration while training.

Depending on your choice of color, receivers have different colors i.e orange, blue, green and black. The same case applies to LED light and beacon locators that are of four different colors.

Key features

  • Capable of training four dogs at the same time with extra collars.
  • 1-mile training range.
  • Takes only 2 hours to charge batteries.
  • Waterproof remote and receiver.
  • Variable stimulation level up to 127.
  • Perfect e-collar for large dogs weighing up to 35lbs.

Petsafe yard & park rechargeable dog training collar

Petsafe yard & park rechargeable dog training collar review

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There are several reasons that made us pick Pet safe dog training collar. If you have not used any of Petsafe products then you have no experience using remote trainers from a reputable brand. Pet safe brand has been there since 1991 and apart from selling millions of e-collars across the globe. This company does university partnerships that aim at advancing dog and other pet behavior technology.

All Petsafe dog collars are made to produce low-output signals that are humane and fair to any pet i.e. small and large ones. Using Pet safe dog collars static signals you can do the following:-

  • Effectively train dog recall, sit, come, stay commands.
  • Eliminating dog-undesired behaviors like barking, chewing seats, chasing other dogs and jumping on your visitors.
  • Managing pet when off-leash.

One of their e-collar models that made it to our list best dog training collar 2019 is Petsafe yard & park rechargeable dog training collar. Below are some of the key features we loved in this ecollar.

Key features

  • Remote range up to 400 yards perfect for indoor and outdoor dog training.
  • Adjustable static stimulation levels up to 8 for training different dogs.
  • Two different 2 tones level.
  • Waterproof collar perfect for activities that involve water like swimming.
  • Both receiver and remote have batteries that are rechargeable or replaceable. They are available in local pet stores and online.
  • Capable of training up to 3 dogs with extra collars.
  • Perfect for all dog size up to 8lbs.
  • Customer care support that is USA based.
  • Warranty for those who buy from authorized dealers.

Dog care training collar

best training collar for dogs

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Another company apart from Petsafe that study the dog’s behavior and explore more modern and better ways of communicating with pets is Dog care. Using their research, they are able to come up with a training collar for dogs and other accessories that bridges the gap between pet and their owners.

Once you buy dog training shock collar made by Dog CARE you will be able to train your pet with respect and signals that are clear. Actually, all their collars have anti-jamming technology that ensures the remote produces stable and signals that are strong for training several dogs.

One of Dog care collar in amazon has been rated over 14000 times. It is ultimately the best training collar for dogs available in the market. Below are the key features you will like in this e-collar.

Key features

  • Three different training modes i.e. beep, shock, and vibration. Suitable for training dog obedience, reinforcing commands and controlling bad behavior.
  • Keypad lock for preventing accidental shock. Nothing feels bad like unintentional shocking your dog. This can also greatly affect dog training.
  • Dog care remote can train up to 9 dogs at the same time.
  • Adjustable static stimulation level between 0 and 99.
  • It has adjustable dog training shock collar therefore perfect for different dog sizes i.e 15lbs and 100 lbs.
  • Remote training range up to 330 yards.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • It automatically goes off after being idle for more than 20 minutes.

Dt systems dog collar

Dt systems dog collar review

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Since 1983 DT systems have been developing some of the finest training products for dogs. For more than 30 years, D. T. Passion has made then produce quality collars that have made dog training easy. It is not arguable that DT dog training collars are not the perfect ecollars for training pet obedience. The fact that it compact and rugged in design, it suitable for all-terrain training. Below are key features we loved in DT dog collars.

Key Features

  • The collar is lightweight and easy putting on the pet. Suitable for long hours of training in the field.
  • Small remote that fits perfectly on the hand palm.
  • Both receiver and collar are 100% waterproof and rechargeable.
  • The collar is adjustable from 7 inches up to 22 inches.
  • Remote training range up to 900 yards.
  • Expandable dog training collar up to 2 or 3 dogs with additional collars.
  • Variable stimulation levels up to 16.
  • Two stimulation modes i.e. Nick and continuous.
  • Positive vibration for non-static training.
  • Comes with Rechargeable NiMH battery capable of lasting up to 2 weeks depending on how long you spend training.
  • Does not have switches that wear out easily, but uses magnetic on and off the system.

Pettech pt0z1 remote control shock collar

best dog training collar for small dogs

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Pettech pt0z1 is actually the premium dog training shock collar that can be customized easily to enable professional trainers and owners to gain the experience they need. It is the best dog training collar for small dogs and large ones weighing between 10 -100lbs.

This waterproof dog shock collar has four different training modes i.e. beep, light, static shock, and vibration. Both vibration and shock training modes have variable stimulation levels from 1 up to 100 making it possible to train different dogs.

PetTech training collar comprises a remote that has LCD screen and it is capable of training up to 1200 feet. The collar also has a Lithium-ion battery that charges very fast. Battery life is conserved by Auto power protect mode. You can do the following using this shock collar.

  • Controlling barking.
  • Walk training.
  • Leash training.
  • Aggression.
  • Reinforcing commands.
  • Behavioral change.

Contained in the package is Pettech pt0z1 manual that will guide you on how to use this collar.

Bousnic dog training collar

dog shock collar reviews

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If you want to change your dog behavior at home or even when outdoors, you need Bousnic dog training collar 2018 upgraded version. This collar is a perfect choice for safe, effective and humane dog training.

It does not matter your dog breed or size because it is capable of training pets of different shapes and sizes. This collar also has different training modes i.e. static stimulation, vibration, and beep. An adjustable stimulation level makes it possible to find the right stimulation that works perfectly for any dog behavior.

This one the best dog training collar under 100 ergonomically designed with buttons that are easy to operate by amateur trainers. Up to 1000ft, training range, this collar cannot fail to alert your pet when you activate the remote.

Key features

  • Bousnic shock collar for dogs offers different humane training modes that are safe and effective.
  • Adjustable static shock stimulation between 1 and 16.
  • Vibration stimulation levels between 1 and 8.
  • The collar is made of nylon and is capable of adjusting between 0-27.
  • Perfect collar for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Remote training range up to 1000.
  • Capable of training two dogs at the same time.
  • The receiver and remote are both waterproof.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Uses Lithium-polymer batteries that charge rapidly for 2-3 hours.

Choosing the best shock collar

There are several factors that can help you choose the best dog training collar.

best shock collar

Shock collar buying guide


A training collar brand is very important. Some brands have been there for years and they do more research in dog behavior in order to deliver products that are effective in dog training. Some of the top manufacturers of dog collars are -Dogtra, Petsafe, DT systems, Sportdog, Educator and Garmin.


The cost of buying a dog-training collar varies from one brand and model to another. For example, a Gps enabled Garmin alpha collars cost more than $500 dollars. Depending on the amount of money you have, you can buy various collars. Pettech pt0z1 collar costs $39 making it the cheapest shock collar we reviewed here.

However, if you require additional features in a shock collar then you must be willing to spend more. Some costly dog ecollars have a longer training range, they are capable of training several dogs and they come along with extra safety features. If you love your pet, make sure you invest in a good training collar costing more than $200.

Battery type and availability

Most shock collar use batteries. If you are going to purchase one you need to consider several factors about the batteries used by the collar. These are:-

  • Battery availability if you may need to replace them.
  • How long does it take to charge them?
  • How long can the charge last while training?
  • Charging complete warning.
  • Battery low warning.

The above factors are very important for one to be able to be successful in dog training. You do not have halt dog training because you cannot find e-collar batteries in your local pet store or stop training because the battery had no charge. The ecollar should warn you in advance.

Stimulation levels

Professional dog trainers recommend the use of the lowest shock stimulation level when beginning the training. This is because dog sensitivity to shock differs from one type to another. A good training collar should have a variable or adjustable shock stimulation levels in order to make it easy to train different dogs.

In some collars, each dog can have a different stimulation level set using its own button. In case the dog does not respond to the lowest stimulation, it can be increased to a higher level until there is a response.

Different training modes

Most modern e-collars have at least 3 different training modes. These are:-

  • Beep mode-Useful when beginning dog training. It can be useful in correcting dog walking and leash training.
  • Vibration mode-This mode can be useful in correcting dog barking and bad behavior. The stimulation level should be variable from 1-100.
  • Shock Mode-Rarely useful in cases where the dog does not respond to the above two modes. It is important especially during emergencies.

Type of stimulation

A high rated dog-training collar should at least have two stimulation types i.e. Quick or Momentary and continuous stimulation.

Quick stimulation mostly lasts between ½ and 1 second while constant stimulation can last between 10 and 12 seconds. These two stimulations are very important and they are used differently.

Constant stimulation is very important in capturing dog attention or stopping bad behavior. It can also be used to enforce commands. On the other hand, continuous stimulation enables the dog trainer control when the shock goes off. It is useful when training dogs that have never been trained before.

Customer reviews

If you are going to purchase your zap collar online from e-commerce sites like Amazon, Walmart or Chewy it is very important to go through customer reviews. Customer reviews from people who have purchased the product can help you determine the following:

  • Is it worth purchasing? I.e. quality and reliability.
  • Does the customer support respond to calls and questions asked?
  • Is the warranty offered valid and how long do they take to replace a fault collar?
  • Are there chances of receiving a fault-training collar?
  • Is the e-collar effective in training?
  • How long does the battery last?

Going through also the questions and answers can help you in understanding ecollar model more.

Ease of use

No one would love to spend a whole day reading manuals and having several test hours understanding how a shock collar work. Some fancy dog training collars can be very complex especially if you are an amateur dog trainer.

Looking into shock collar complexity will help you avoid wasting time learning how to use several fancy features. However, if you are a person who loves challenges you can go for the complex one.

Remote and collar size

A good electronic shock collar should have a remote that perfectly fits in the palm of your hard to avoid getting tired when training. It should also be lightweight and small capable of fitting inside your pocket.

Collar size is also another very important factor. If you own different breeds of dogs, i.e. large and small ones. A collar that is adjustable is the right choice for you because you can train your entire dogs using the same.

Frequently asked questions

Should I take my dog’s collar off at night?

The answer is yes. When indoors it is important to take off the dog collar for them to completely relax their neck and have good sleep. The only time when a dog needs to have a collar on is when going for a walk in the park or when training.

Even though collars are used to attach dog information about their vaccination and owner’s information it is important when indoors to remove the collar to avoid the following;-

  • Strangulation-tight fitting collar can be a great risk to the dog’s life. For example, if a dog tried to jump over from somewhere and the collar gets strapped. The dog can be strangled and that will be the end of its life.
  • Limb injuries-Dogs can injure their limbs especially when they try to scratch their heads and a loose hanging collar traps their legs.
  • Discomfort-Just like human beings, when indoors we love free loose clothes that are not tight on our bodies. It applies to pets also. They need to be free on their necks.
  • Skin issues-Tight collars can pose a great threat to the dog skin. They can damage the skin around the skin making the neck area prone to a skin infection.
  • Neck damage-Repeated stress on the dog neck when pulling especially to small pets like pugs can have great health effects like salivary and thyroid glands damage. Purchasing a dog harness is recommended for dogs that pull on the leash.

Are training collars bad for dogs?

Question every person who loves his/her pet asks “are training collars bad for dogs”. The answer is Yes and No. Originally, shock collars came into use in the 1960s and they were used in aversive training. They were mainly used in training hunting dogs. They are effective in training dog obedience, reinforcing already learned commands and curbing bad behavior. However, they can turn out to be bad to the dog if they are misused especially if you are not well versed with dog training.

It is important to note that ecollar technologies have advanced and the shock that is delivered on the dog is safe to get pet attention and stop certain bad behavior. The pain does not last for long, therefore, they are the best choice for pet trainers. If you do not own one, you can go ahead and purchase the best shock collar available in the market. Their prices vary and with only $25, you can purchase top training collars.

Can e collars make dogs aggressive?

Both prong, choke and shock collars are considered to be a positive form of punishing dogs and they can cause aggression. Mostly aggression is caused by the pain and anxiety they experience when they are shocked. They are likely going to associate the pain with bad behavior they are doing.

When training using shock collars, you should make sure you hide the remote so that the dog won’t associate you with the shock.

How to properly train a dog with a shock collar

The following are five easy rules that can help you in training dogs using a shock collar.

  1. Make sure dog understands the behavior you want to stop or command your reinforcing

Put yourself in the dog shoes. Imagine you have a problem but you do not know it is a problem. It is very hard for you to stop it since you are not aware of the problem. The same applies to dogs. You cannot use shock collars to stop a bad behavior that the dog is not aware of.

Before you beginning using training collars to stop bad behavior, make sure you use tough words to sound a warning to the dog. If the dog does not respond then you can include shock collar with your words.

The same case applies to teach dog new commands. Shock collars can only be used to reinforce dog already learned commands like come, stop, go, stay and sit.

  1. Include other training methods.

Dog shock collars are considered to be an aversive method of training dogs. They cause pain and they sometimes make a dog turn aggressive. You can include dog treats and toys so that you can reward your dog whenever he/she responds to your commands.

  1. Start training with lower correction levels.

When training dogs using shock collars it is recommended to start with the lowest level of stimulation and then proceed increasing until the dog responds. It is important to note that higher stimulation does not correspond with higher learning.

  1. Use vibration instead of shock

Some of the best dog training collar 2019 that we have reviewed here, usually have different training modes i.e. vibration, shock, and beep. Did you know that you could actually train your dog and fail to use shock? You can use vibration, which is also 100% effective.

  1. Don’t let your dog become collar wise

When a dog becomes collar wise, it means he/she behaves well when wearing a collar because it is afraid of being shocked. Before you can begin training, put the collar on the dog for at least one week.

When is a dog old enough for a shock collar

Most professional dog trainers don’t recommend training puppies that are less than 10 weeks old. If you have to go ahead with training, it should happen in very exceptional cases. Just like a small kid, puppies also having nothing much in their heads. They have to be taught the very basic commands and life concepts before they can be forced to accept them.

You can begin training your puppy using positive, negative reinforcement or giving them rewards after behaving well. If they do not respond well you can begin using training shock collars.


It is my hope after reading this article you will be able to pick the best dog training collar 2019 that is suitable according to your needs, budget, etc. You can now start-checking customer reviews on different e-commerce sites because they will help you more. However, you should note that training dogs using shock collars is not the only method; actually, it should be a secondary method because it is an aversive training method.