Best hunting dog collars

If you are an ardent hunter, you can concur with me that a loyal dog is a very important asset when it comes to hunting. The dog should help you, for example, to retrieve your prey that you just shot in the water. Apart from having the dog help you in hunting, it  is a great way in which you can have time to bond. Hunting will also help the dog in improving their confidence and making them useful when outdoors. However, you cannot take a dog out for hunting if he/she does not have prior training and preparation.

There are different ways in which you can train hunting dogs to become reliable. One way is the use of hunting dog collars. With the use of hunting collars, you can train your dog obedience and this is a great way of keeping them safe while hunting.

There different types of dog shock collars with various use. In this article, we are going to review some of the best hunting dog collars available in the market but before that let understand features to look out for when buying hunting dog shock collar.

What is the best shock collar for hunting dogs?

Below is a table of the 3 top best hunting collars that we are going to review in this post.

Specification Sportdog 825x Dt systems h2o 1820 plus Educator  k9-400
Image and Price
Stimulation level 21 8 100
Number of dogs 6 3 1
Training range 1 mile 1 mile 3/4 mile


Features to look for in best hunting dog training collar

Here are a few things to consider before you can choose dog e-collar.

·         Remote training range

When it comes to hunting collars, remote training range is very important. Depending on the terrain where you hunt, the remote signal can weaken. Because of that reason, it is highly recommendable to purchase a greater range collar even if you do not a  long-range collar at the moment.

Another thing that can determine the collar range is the dog breed. For example, bird dogs need long range training devices whereas retrievers do not need long range collars. They are not likely to go further than 200 yards therefore a smaller range shock collar can work.

·         Extra features

Some additional features that you may think are not important until you face the real situation in the field while training. Example of these additional or extra features are-

  • Water-resistant and waterproof
  • Types of batteries.
  • LCD screen display.
  • GPS tracking
  • Split-end charger
  • Collar reflector or indicator lights

If you are going to train retriever dogs, they are likely to get into the water while retrieving your kill, therefore, you need to purchase waterproof collars. Waterproof collars are resistant to water and they cannot malfunction when the dog goes inside the water body.

There are different types of batteries that come along with dog shock collars. The most preferred type is Lithium-ion batteries because of two main reasons. They are capable of charging rapidly for only 2 hours and can last up to 50-70 hours after every charge. You would not love an e-collar model with batteries that can only last few hours of training.

The remote LCD display screen is another additional feature that is rare in some shock collar models. The screen is very helpful during training because it displays various very important statistics like battery charge level, stimulation level, GPS location, etc.

Gps tracking feature is also a very important feature for hunters who wish to explore new hunting grounds that they are not aware of. Using the GPS-tracking feature, you can be able to track your position or your friends who are lost in the thicket. Also, gps enabled collar means you can trace your dog whenever he/she goes out of your site. If you wish to purchase, a GPS enabled device to be ready to cough a good amount of money because they are expensive.

Shock collars that have split-end charges will save you a lot of charging time. These chargers are capable of charging both receiver and remote at the same time.

Collar reflector and indicator lights are also important if you are likely to go hunting during the night. With reflector or indicator light, you can be able to locate your dog position easily. They are also safer because they are visible to oncoming traffic while taking your walk back home.

·         Expandability

If you are likely to train more than one dog, you had better go for an expandable system. Expandable e-collars are multi-dog systems that come with a remote or transmitter that is capable of controlling two or more receivers. Several best hunting dog collars are multi-dog system therefore it is upon you to choose the right one depending on your demands.

·         Training modes

The most commonly used training modes are static shock, tone and vibration modes. Depending on how your dog responds to your commands, you may find yourself shifting between the use of shock, tone, and vibration. In addition, different dogs will respond differently to various training modes. Therefore it is recommendable you purchase a collar model that is capable of training different dog breeds using all training modes.

·         Stimulation level

The use of static shock is one controversy that exists when it comes to the use of electric dog collar. Most people especially animal activists believe they are inhumane dog training methods. I do not believe in that. What most of them don’t actually know is that e-collar technology over the past years meaning they only cause slight discomfort to get dog attention.

Shock collars are also more humane because the remotes have variable stimulation levels ranging between 0 up to 127 depending on the model. Purchasing hunting dog collar with a wide range of stimulation levels means you can vary stimulation depending on your dog sensitivity.

Top 7 Best shock collar for hunting dogs

I have previously written a review of some of the best dog collars but in this review, we are going to focus on hunting dog shock collars only. Below is a detailed review of choice collar models.

Sportdog 825x

Sportdog 825x review

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One of the leading brands when it comes to the manufacture of e-collars is Sport Dog. Over the past several years, SportDog has been delivering a wide range of collars models that are versatile and performs well when it comes to training.

If you are a hunter and you do not have a shock collar for your dog, SportDog Sport hunter 825 is the right rugged and versatile tool for you. It comes along with 880 yards remote training range transmitter that is capable of controlling three collars. This means you can train or hunt with three dogs at the same time.

However, the Sportdog 825x New X-series is more advanced when it comes to a number of dogs and remote training ranges. If you purchase New X-series model you will be able to train up to 6 dogs   and remote training range is up to 1 mile.

The remote has seven variable static stimulation levels, which are both low and medium ranges. The training modes include tone and vibration. Both remote and collar receiver are waterproof. They both feature DryTek technology which makes them water-resistant and they can be submerged into water up to 25 feet.

This shock collar comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can rapidly charge for 2 hours and they can last for 50-70 hours of serious training. You do not have to worry about battery level while training because the receiver and remote both have a battery indicator.

Another feature that made this device feature in our dog training collar reviews is because it has a remote that is customizable depending on your needs.

Sportdog 825x vs Sportdog 825

I know many dog owners will get confused when it comes to differentiating between Sportdog 825x and sportdog 825.

Sportdog 825x is a more advanced model of Sportdog 825.SportDog 825x is the one referred to as New X-Series. Below is a table to differentiating the two models.

Model Sportdog 825x

Sportdog 825

Advanced feature More stimulation levels
Training range 1-mile range ½ mile range
Stimulation levels 7 levels 21 levels
Expandable system 6 dogs 6dogs
Battery type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Technology DryTek DryTek


Dt systems h2o 1820 plus

Dt systems h2o 1820 plus review

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This “add-on” training collar offers a maximum-range internal antenna system. Dt systems h2o 1820 plus remote has the capability of communicating with collar that is up to one-mile range. Because of their long training range, they are the best shock collars for training hunting dog.

The collar also has a variable intensity level that can be adjusted using the remote. Stimulation modes include nick and continuous stimulations. DT systems 1820 plus model differs with the 1810 model with only one feature, which is positive vibration.

Both remote and collar are 100% waterproof. The good thing is that both receiver and remote are capable of floating in water and collar can be worn even when dog is submerged in water.

It is the best hunting dog collar that is for someone looking for a durable, safe and humane training device. Comes with an automatic safety feature which is capable of preventing prolonged static stimulation

Other key features

  • Both remote and receiver are lightweight.
  • The receiver has an internal antenna system.
  • Variable intensity levels between zero and 18.
  • Two stimulation types i.e. nick and continuous.
  • System expandable up to 3 dogs.
  • It comes with an NIMH battery that are rechargeable.

Educator  k9-400

Educator  k9-400 review

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Educator collars are some of the best e collar models available in the market. I recently reviewed Ez educator 900 which I believe is a high tech training collar.

When it comes to hunting dog shock collar with remote Educator has k9-400 model suitable for such operations.K9-400 is for dogs that are above 5lbs. Remote training range is up to ¾ mile range.

It a humane remote dog trainer, which is very effective. Actually, it comes with the smallest receiver. The transmitter is ergonomically designed. It has a ‘stopwatch’, which allows you to keep a watch on our dog.

The remote is capable of delivering vibration-tapping sensation, which is intense and it is capable of getting dog attention.

Key features

  • Quality product made in the USA.
  • COS is the control of stimulation which gives clean stimulation.
  • Bungee collar has more comfort and firmly fits on the dog neck.
  • Remote controls the receiver indicator light hence; you can easily locate your dog at night.
  • Transmitter also has a beeper sound, which can help you locate your remote in case you misplace it.
  • The floater is light and it is capable of floating in water therefore you do not have to worry when it falls inside water.
  • Comes with lithium-polymer batteries that are rechargeable
  • The package has two different contact points for short and longhaired dogs.
  • It is a one-dog system.
  • Variable stimulation levels i.e. 1 to 100.

Sportdog 425s

Sportdog 425s review

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We cannot review Sportdog collar brand and fail to review Sportdog brand fieldtrainer 425s, which is the most advanced collar model in the market. It is a compact system that is waterproof because both remote and collar receivers use DryTek technology.

This system is also expandable up to 3 dogs once you purchase additional dog collars. The remote training range is 500 yards.

You do not have to worry about training different dog breeds because this best dog shock collar has variable stimulation levels up to seven. It also comes with different stimulation types i.e tone, vibration, and beep.

What most buyers are not aware of is the reason why this Sportdog collar model has an “S”. Sportdog 425s has all the features that are in Sportdog 425 however, it is designed for dogs that are stubborn.

Just as the name suggests this remote trainer is perfect for yard training, the field for hunting gun dogs. The preferred dog size is 8 pounds going up that have a neck size that is 5-22 inches.

Other features include the following:-

  • Rapid charging batteries that take only 2 hours.
  • Both receiver and remote have low battery indicators.

Tbi pro dog training collar

Tbi pro dog training collar review

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Tbi pro collar models are not very popular and not many people thinking of purchasing them. I have come to realize that these collars are very compact and durable and that why we felt the need of including Tbi pro dog training collar in the list of top best hunting dog collars.

Some are of the key features in this collar model include the following:-

  • Three different training modes-You have a choice to choose between beep, vibration or static training modes. This training collar is useful when training dog obedience, curbing bad habits. It is easy to communicate with your dog using humane and safe methods.
  • Adjustable vibration level between 10 and 100-It is easy to customize this collar setting depending on how your dog responds. It is always recommendable to establish the correct mode that is effective and safe for your pet.
  • It is a long-range training shock collar-You can train your dog up to 1600 ft. and you will not experience signal interruptions.
  • Expandable system-This collar remote is capable of training up to two dogs at the same time.
  • Batteries-Both remote and receiver come with long-life batteries that are capable of lasting up to 15 days of intense use. These batteries take only two hours to charge therefore you will not waste a lot of time charging.
  • Waterproof system-When your dog gets into the water while training you won’t be worried because this ecollar is waterproof.
  • Made in USA –Tbi pro shock collars are made in the USA by k-9 expert’s trainers. It is humane and it is the right electronic training collar.

Cambond dog shock collar

Cambond dog shock collar review

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Some dogs are very naughty and they will always portray bad behavior like chewing your couches or other items in the house. Others will bark uncontrollably even at night for no reason.

You may have tried training your dog but they are not responding or stopping bad behavior. It’s now time for you to try Cambond dog training collar. This is a very important remote training collar that can help you in controlling dog excess barking, walking, sitting and commands reinforcement. The collar is easy to use and once you purchase you can begin training the same day.

Remote training range is up to 875 yards especially when you are training on flat terrain. This is the right tool to use to train your dog in the park or around your homestead. With the help of LED on the collar receiver, you can easily locate your dog even at night. Also the remote has LED light.

Both transmitter and receiver have rechargeable batteries using the split charge, which charges them at the same time. In addition, the collar receiver is IP65 waterproof therefore you can train in the wetlands without worrying about what will happen to the collar when the dog gets inside water.

Cambond dog shock collar is a safe and humane training tool because the contacts points that touch on the dog neck are made using soft rubber. This soft rubber prevents your dog’s skin from damage during training. The collar receiver is adjustable and can fit all different dog sizes i.e. large, small or medium.

Even though this training collar costs less than $50, it comes with 4 different training modes. These are beep, light, vibration, and shock. Both vibration and static shock have variable stimulation levels between 0-99. This means you can choose the right training mode and stimulation level depending on how your dog responds during training.

Other additional features that I like in this training collar include the following:-

  • Power saving mode that keeps your remote on automatic standby when not training.
  • Remote is capable of training up to 3 dogs.

Petspy m686 dog training collar

Petspy m686 dog training collar review

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Dog training should begin immediately once you bring your puppy home. In order to begin the training, you need the ultimate tool that is capable of changing your dog behavior. Petspy m686  is the right training tool that you need to purchase. This is the best dog training collar for large dogs and small ones. You can train 6 months old puppy and dogs that weigh more than 10lbs.

Below are some of the key features that you are likely to find in the Petspy m686 dog training collar.

  • Four different dog-training modes.
  • Adjustable stimulation levels up to 8.
  • Both remote and receiver are rechargeable.
  • Remote training range up to 1100 yards.
  • Capable of correcting dog excess barking, pulling on the leash and jumping on strangers.
  • Contact points made of rubber that prevents skin irritation.
  • Dual charging system.
  • Compact and durable collar design.
  • It comes with a free training guide.

Understanding how dog training e collars work

Before even you can begin training your dog, using e collars it is very important to understand how this device works.

E-collar comprises two main devices i.e. handheld remote and collar receiver. The remote sends radio signals to the collar receiver which in-turn activates stimulation mode in order to correct the dog because of bad behavior. The collar can also reward the dog using some beep sound for good behavior.

Different shock collars have the varying capability of signal transmission. The distance is variable with some best hunting dog collars capable of communicating with the receiver to even up to 1-mile range.

Additional features found in remote electric dog collars make them easy to operate. For example, you can check the stimulation level using the LCD display and indicator light on the receiver helps you locate your dog at night.

Shock collars training modes

Dog e-collars have different training modes. We can group these training modes into two groups i.e. Non-stimulation and stimulating modes. Let first discuss non-stimulation training modes

1.      Non-stimulating training modes

Tone, vibration and beeper sound can be used to praise, warn or issue silent commands to the dog. Most dog trainers confuse tone and beeper to be the same feature. Normally most dog training brands, “Tone” is a sound that is quiet and can only be heard when you are close to the receiver.

When it comes to the “beeper” feature, it is useful when you want to locate your bird dog. They are loud and audible up to 400 yards.

2.      Stimulating training mode

The static shock is the only stimulating mode that delivers mild and humane pain on the dog neck. You can continuously or momentarily deliver static shock on the dog neck. This mode of shock collar training is normally useful when you are dealing with a stubborn dog that does not respond to non-stimulating modes.

Top dog training collar brands

There are so many collar brands out there in the market. It is a very hard task sorting them out to pick the right one. I am going to list some of the top brands that you can choose when buying dog-training collars.

  1. Garmin dog collars-We cannot review the best hunting dog gps tracking and fail to include Garmin. This GPS leader has revolutionized how hunting and training are done.
  2. Sportdog collars– Another brand that makes some of the best remote dog collars is Sport dog. Sportdog collars are quality and give you the best value for your money.
  3. PetSafe collar-These collars are built in the USA. Pet safe is a company of pet lovers who nothing but the best when it comes to pet training, containment, and safety.
  4. D.T Systems-Since 1983 D.T systems have been providing the world with some of the best training e-collar units. The e-collars are lightweight and easy to use. They normally deliver a static shock that is humane to dogs.
  5. Dogtra collar-Dogtra Company focuses on making e-collar models that are easy to use and capable of working even in the most demanding conditions.
  6. Educator collars-Educator collars are the highest tech and reliable training tools. They are widely used and most preferred by both professional trainers and dog owners.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the frequent questions asked by dog trainers and owners when they go to buy shock collars.

How do hunting dog collars work?

Hunting dog collars work just like other training collars. However, there are some additional features found in hunting training collar like a beeper. Beeper feature uses motion detention to inform the hunter dog location.

Collars with beep can be set to running mode and they can be ale to make beep sound after every 5 or 10 seconds.

Are dog training collars cruel?

Dog training collars are not cruel. However, when they are wrongly used in training they can cause burns hence damaging dog skins. In addition, no-bark collars malfunction and the dog is left home alone, the collar can really hurt the dog.

Discussion about if ecollars are cruel or they are not has been going for a very long time since the time the first electronic dog collar was invented. What most activists are not aware of is that e-collar technology has advanced and shock intensity nowadays is very mild and humane.

It is also important to note that dog training collars have various training modes and stimulation level is the variable meaning you do not have to shock your dog every time you train. You can only use vibration, tone or beep.


It is my hope once you read this review about the best hunting dog collars you will have an idea of what to consider. We have listed the top brands and reviewed a few models. We cannot choose the training collar for you because we do not know your budget. It is upon you now to choose what will work best for you.