Best training collar for stubborn dogs

When it comes buying of training collars for any dog breed is a hard task. Today we are going to explore the choices that you have for best training collar for stubborn dogs. Stubborn dogs are not easy to correct or train. You need special training tools that can help you manage their bad behavior like pulling on the leash, excess barking, chewing seats, etc.

Before you can go ahead to purchase any type of training collar consider your dog size. For example you should measure your dog neck size so that you can be able to determine the collar size. You can use a tape measure or even just a rope. If you have a puppy there are specialized puppy training collar that, have small size collar capable of perfectly fitting on the dog neck.

Our choices for best training collar for stubborn dogs

Image  Name and Key Features  Check price 
Dog care Training Collar review Dog care shock collar

  • Range-330yards.
  • Maximum dog control 9.
  • 0-99 stimulation level.
  • 3 training modes.
  • Long battery life.
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Petrainer PET998DRB1 review

Petrainer PET998DRB1

  • 330 yards training range.
  • 3 safe stimulation modes.
  • Adjustable collar i.e 14 to 25 inches.
  • 0 to 100 stimulation levels.
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Patpet dog training collar review Patpet dog shock collar

  • Range-330 yards.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Long-life batteries.
  • 1-16 shock stimulation levels.
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PetSpy P620  Training Shock Collar review PetSpy P620  Training Shock Collar

  • Three training modes.
  • 16 variable stimulation levels.
  • 650 yards training range
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PetSafe Remote Trainer review PetSafe Remote Trainer

  • Can train 2 dogs.
  • 330 yards training range.
  • Collar waterproof and lightweight.
  • Quality guaranteed.
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FunniPets Dog Training Collar review FunniPets Dog Training Collar

  • 2600ft  remote control.
  • 4 training modes.
  • 0-99 shock and vibration levels.
  • LED light and reflective collar.
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Petsafe basic bark control collar

  • Waterproof collar.
  • 6 static correction levels.
  • Automatic safety shut off.
  • All dog size.
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StarMark Training Collar

  • Gentle and effective training collar.
  • 20-inches therefore fits all dog size.
  • Adjustable.
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Herm sprenger prong collar

  • Made in Germany.
  • Chrome plated steel.
  • 21 inches long.
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Options for stubborn dog collars

Stubborn dogs cannot be trained using normal collars. They need special training collars, which are called aversive. Normally aversive collars rely on pain to deter dogs from doing bad behavior or to make them obey your commands.

It is important to note that aversive training collars for stubborn dogs can make them become more aggressive and they can even injure you. In addition, if not properly used these collars can injure your dog. Dog behaviorist’s experts recommend the use of positive training methods but if you have no other way of dealing with your stubborn dog, you have to use aversive collars. Below are some of the common aversive collars useful in stubborn dog training.

Shock collars

Shock collars are also known as e-collars, zap collars or electronic collars. They are dog training collar with remote and receiver collar. However, there are special shock collars known as no-bark collars, which only consist of receiver collar. The receiver collar is capable of detecting when the dog barks then it can deliver a static shock on the dog neck to stop barking.

The other dog collars with remote are for training. The remote is capable of sending electronic signals to the receiver collar to activate shock stimulation. The shock stimulation is variable meaning you can increase or decrease the intensity depending on how your dog responds.

Apart from using shock collars to train and stopping bad behavior like barking, they are also used in pet containment systems. Pet containment systems are invisible dog fences that are used to create a boundary around an area where your dog can play and stay. They are useful fences especially for people who have dogs that poop everywhere in the yard.

Choke collar

Choke collar  is a type of collar made using metallic links. This collar is not an ordinary flat collar that you can leave on your dog neck whole day because it is capable of tightening. You cannot control how much this collar tightens or chokes the dogs. Therefore this collar can strangle   your dog and even kill it.

Other injuries associated with wrong use of choke collars are trachea, esophagus, neck and skin damage. This can lead  to nerve damage causing paralysis, and at the end  your dog will ultimately die.

I cannot recommend the use of choke collar especially if you do not have any experience on how to use it. This collar should be used sparingly   on stubborn dogs and you should properly fit it on the dog neck before using it. Use it only when you are dealing with a very strong dog that pulls on the leash and has proved hard to control while walking or training.

Prong collar

Prong collars are also known as pinch collars. They are similar to martingale collars however; they have the loop that attaches to leash made of chain. Around the loop, this collar has prongs, that have blunt ends on the inner side. When the dog pulls on the leash, the loop tightens causing the prongs to pinch the dog on the neck.

Prongs collars are very dangerous and they are capable of causing more serious injuries than choke collars. Prongs in this collar are capable of tearing the dog neck; therefore, you should properly fit it on the dog neck. The loop should sit behind your dog-ears on the neck and it should not be tight.

There are more humane behavior change and obedience training tools that you can use instead of prong collar. If you have to resort to use of prong collar make sure you consult with a professional trainer who can guide you on it use.

Special use collars

The fact that you are looking for stubborn dog collar and as you can see from above three examples, your dog is likely to get injuries once you begin using any of them. Therefore, at one time you will need Elizabethan collar. Therefore, what is an Elizabethan collar?

They are special types of collars that are made of plastic. They are wide and cone-shaped and are capable of fitting on the dog neck. Their main use is to prevent dog from licking the wounds they have on the neck and give them time to heal. You can attach other regular collars above Elizabethan collar.

Now that we have listed and explained, various aversive collars it is now time to review in details best training collar for stubborn dogs in each category. To begin with is shock collars.

Best stubborn dog shock collar

Dog care shock collar-Our top Choice

Dog care shock collar review

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At the time of writing this article, this dog care-training collar was the best seller in the category of shock collars. With over 16000 reviews and 1000+ questions that have been asked about this training collar, we felt the need to review it also as our top choice.

First, before we even looked at the shock collar itself we noted that DOG CARE, which is the company, is behind Dog care shock collar focuses on the study of pet behavior. Using their studies they are capable of coming up with products that make communication between pets and human beings easy. This means their products are as a result of good research.

Their research can be proved with the design and technology that has been incorporated in dog care training collar. Below are some of the key features that you are likely to like in this top dog training collar.

  1. Uses special technology

To ensure the signals communication between remote and collar receiver is effective this collar uses special technology. The signal is strong and stable for various training grounds.

The collars also are set by default to have low stimulation level that is gentle and cannot hurt when training other small dogs that are not stubborn. The remote also has security lock that  prevents accidental stimulation on the dog.

  1. Training modes

There are three training modes in this collar. These are beep, vibration and shock. These modes are efficient in training dog obedience, curbing bad behavior and reinforcing commands.

  1. Expandable training collar

Unlike other dog training collars that can only train one or two dogs, this is not the case for Dog care training collar. This system is capable of training up to 9 dogs at the same time with one remote.

  1. Static stimulation level

Do you have other dogs that are not stubborn? This is the right collar for you because it has variable stimulation level between 0-99.You can easily adjust stimulation level for your specific dog. In addition, the receiver straps are long and can be adjusted.

  1. Remote training

With long lasting batteries capable of lasting for two weeks, this collar has remote training range up to 330 yards. Make training in the yard or park a hobby with this shock collar.

  1. Receiver and remote

Both remote and collar receiver are rechargeable. The receiver is also 100% waterproof giving your pets chance to enjoy all outdoor activities like swimming.

If you are stuck operating this device you can refer to dog care training collar manual which comes inside the package.

Petrainer pet998drb1-Our Second Runner Ups

petrainer pet998drb1 review

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Is your dog misbehaving? Do you need to control dog bad behavior like chewing, barking, biting and digging?

Petrainer pet998drb1 is the perfect dog-training collar that is also suitable for stubborn dogs that are hand to control. With training range up to 330 yards, this training tool is designed with a normally home dog in mind.

This dog collar can accommodate park walking and training in the yard. If you are a beginner trainer, this is the right training tool because it has different training modes like shock, vibration and tone. When it comes to stimulation, you do not have to worry because it is easy to determine the stimulation suitable for your dog.

Here are more features that you will like in Petrainer pet998drb1 training collar

  • Remote training range up to 330 yards.
  • Both receiver and remote comes with rechargeable batteries made of lithium.
  • Waterproof remote and collar.
  • Has light mode, which helps in locating your dog at night or even keys while taking a walk.
  • Easy to pair.
  • Has memory function and power saving mode, which are automatic.
  • The collar is adjustable and capable of fitting all dog sizes.
  • Adjustable stimulation level between 0 and 100.

Final word

Petrainer products are widely used across the world. If you need a waterproof dog shock collar, this is the perfect model for you. I can assure you that you will be able to contain your stubborn dog with easily.

Patpet dog shock collar

Patpet dog shock collar review

Click image to check price

Are you looking for a professional dog-training collar that is capable of changing your pet behavior? Patpet shock collar is a good choice for you. This training device is capable of solving all your needs. It is safe and effective for use with different dog size and breeds.

Another good thing about Patpet dog shock collar is that it has different training modes. These modes are shock, beep and vibration. When training using static shock and vibration you can find the right stimulation level of your dog.

This shock collar for dogs has ergonomic remote with buttons that are accessible making it easy to operate by trainers and pet owners. In addition, the remote has a wide training range of 1000ft.The signal is strong and it is capable of penetrating any training terrain.

What else we liked in this patpet dog shock collar with remote

  • Protection mode for deactivating collar when vibration or shock goes on for more than 10 seconds.
  • Package contains two contact points for long and shorthaired dogs.
  • The collar has conductive silicone and metal prongs for protecting your dog coat.
  • Transmitter uses RF434 technology that provides a remote training range of up to 1000ft.This range is suitable for indoor and outdoor training.
  • Variable stimulation levels for shock and vibration i.e. (1-16), (1-8) respectively.
  • Remote and receiver have rechargeable lithium battery that are capable of lasting for more than 12days.
  • Standby time for collar and remote is 60, 90 days respectively.
  • Transmitter can train two dogs at the same time.

PetSpy P620 Shock Collar

petspy p620 reviews

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PetSpy P620 is a very an effective dog training collar that is designed for use by both experienced trainers and first time pet owners. It is important to note that shock collars are not only for training but for also for helping their owners understand their pets.

The design of the remote button layout is intuitive therefore; it can be operated blindly without having to have your eyes on the remote. This means you can perform instant correction whenever your dog does something bad.

Package contains charger that has split cable. This type of charger allows you to charge both transmitter and collar at the same time.

Only quality and durable material is used to make this training device and it comes with free training e-book.

Other features you will like

  • Three training modes
  • Adjustable stimulation level between 0-16.
  • Waterproof receiver and remote.
  • Rechargeable receiver and remote.
  • Remote training range up to 650 yards.
  • Perfect for training dogs that between 10 and 140 lbs.
  • Can help to curb bad behavior like barking, chewing etc.

Petsafe remote trainer

Petsafe remote trainer review

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The communication barrier that exists between pet and their owners cannot be broken without having the perfect training tool. Petsafe remote trainer will help you in all kinds of training at home. This collar will also help you in making bond between you and your dog stronger.

With a press of a button, you can effectively train your dog when off-leash. Remote and receiver are lightweight therefore; you won’t get tired carrying the transmitter while training. This remote is capable of sending signals to the collar receiver up to 300 yards. Once you purchase extra collar you will be able to train 2 dogs at the same time.

Petsafe trainer has three different training modes. These are beep or tone, vibration and shock. Shock stimulation level is variable up to 15 levels. The remote also has safety lock, which prevents accidental stimulation with high levels.

The collar receiver is lightweight and waterproof. It can be adjusted to fit any dog size between 6- 27 inches. U.S based customer support will take all your questions and answer them. Below are other features that you will like in this remote trainer:-

  • Made using quality material from the USA.
  • Takes only 2 hours to charge.
  • Capable of training up to two dogs.
  • 300 yards training range.

FunniPets Dog Training Collar

FunniPets Dog Training Collar review

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To train a naughty dog, stop bad behavior or train them to obey commands you need a stubborn dog training collar. FunniPets remote trainer is among the top best training collar for stubborn dogs that is used by many pet trainers and pet owners.

You can successfully correct dog barking, leash walking, aggression and command obedience with a safe heavy duty shock collar.

Key Features

  • Remote training range is up to 2600ft therefore you can train your dog around the pack or yard. You do not have to worry when your dog goes out and runs across the yard.
  • The collar has built in LED light. This light can help you in locating your dog at night. Apart from built in LED light, the collar traps have reflectors, which make your dog visible to oncoming traffic. These two key features proves that FunniPets is the best training collar for night walks.
  • There are four different training modes in this e-collar. These are shock, vibration, tone and light mode. Both shock and vibration have variable stimulation level i.e. 1-99.
  • Contact points are safer for your dog because they are made using silicone. The silicone will prevent your dog from getting skin injuries.
  • The collar receiver is waterproof. This means your dog can enjoy outdoor activities like swimming etc. without any worries.

Aetertek at-216d dog collar

Aetertek at-216d dog collar review

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There are different Aertertek training collar models and our choice is aetertek 216d.There are several reasons that made us pick this model.

First, it is an expandable system capable of training up to 2 or 3 dogs at the same time. This collar has three different training modes, which are vibration, shock and tone. Up to seven levels of shock stimulation, you can train different dog breeds and sizes. Higher stimulation levels can be useful to train big and stubborn dogs.

Remote features

  • It a stubborn dog training collar with friendly designed remote that allows easy button push.
  • There are large buttons that can be operated easily.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Remote training range up to 600 yards.
  • Variable static stimulation and vibration.

Receiver features

  • Waterproof shock collar receiver.
  • Has rechargeable batteries.
  • Best training collar for outdoor activities like hunting
  • Different contacts points perfect both short and longhaired dogs.
  • Long lasting batteries.
  • Collar strap are adjustable to any dog neck size.

Bousonic dog training collars

Bousonic dog training collars review

Click image to check price

Even if you love your pet, some bad behavior that they are likely to portray even when your friends are around are likely going to leave you at wit’s end. Once you are left alone you will start thinking about purchasing best training collar for stubborn dogs.

I would recommend you try Bousnic dog training collar because you can solve several problems. You can curb bad behavior and even reinforce commands. Accomplish all training goals using  Bousonic e-collar.

Reasons why you should choose bousnic dog collar with Remote

  • This remote collar has three training modes i.e. beep, vibration and static shock. Vibration has levels between 1 and 8 while shock has levels between 1 and 16.
  • Transmitter also has dual channel that is capable of training 2 dogs at the same time.
  • Remote training range up to 1000ft.
  • Has anti-jamming technology that maintains stable signal for different terrain training.
  • This collar receiver is IP67 Waterproof therefore; it is perfect for outdoor water activities.
  • Made using durable high quality material.
  • Collar receiver is adjustable for dogs that are 15-120 lbs. It also has feature protection mode that prevents your dog getting shocked continuously.
  • Remote and receiver both have rechargeable batteries that are capable of lasting for 2-3 hours.
  • Has two sets of contacts points for long and shorthaired dogs. They are made of silicone that prevents skins from getting injuries.
  • Ergonomic design with accessible buttons that means you can blindly operate it.

Puss and pooch dog training collar

Puss and pooch dog training collar review

Click image to check price

Puss and pooch dog training collar is best for potty training and even curbing excess dog barking. If you are looking for a humane electronic training collar to safely train your dog you can pick this one. It is affordable costing less than $100.

The good thing about this best upland dog collar is that it is capable of training up to two dogs at the same time with extra collar receiver.

Company behind this collar understands that consistent training is key when it comes to dog behavior change. Because of that reason, this collar has rechargeable lithium ion batteries that are long lasting.


  • Variable stimulation levels i.e. 1-100
  • Sleep mode to save battery charge.
  • Waterproof e-collar.
  • Safe training collar for all dog sizes.
  • Collar receiver can also be adjusted to fit any dog size.

PetLevelUp Shock Collar

PetLevelUp Shock Collar review

Click image to check price

A remote dog training collar is a very important training tool when it comes to correcting dog bad behavior. PetLevelUp Shock Collar has proved to be invaluable training tool for both dog owners and trainers.

This e-collar for dogs has three different training modes i.e. shock, beep and vibration. The stimulation level is adjustable to levels up to 1-100.This collar is good for training both stubborn dogs and mild ones. Collar is also safe for use because it has conductive silicone that prevent dog skin getting injuries.

In case you accidentally shock the dog, the remote has protection mode that activates after 10 seconds. Remote training range for this collar is 1000feets; this means that receiver and remote can communicate without experiencing signal loss.

The remote also has interface buttons that helps you to switch between various training modes. During the night, you can switch on the LED light on the remote   to trace your dog easily.

Fulltime charging for this collar is 3 hours an when fully charge this shock collar can last for 10-15 days. The receiver is waterproof up to level IPX7 therefore you can train your dog how to swim etc. You can manage to train all dog sizes using this electric training collar. After purchase, you are given 1-year guarantee by the manufacture.

IPETS PET620 dog shock collar

IPETS PET620 dog shock collar review

Click image to check price

Nothing upsetting like dog bad behavior. It is annoying as well as very frustrating to both dog owners and trainer who come across these types of dogs. All these problems can be solved with the use of IPETS PET620 electronic dog collar that is an effective training tool for controlling barking, pulling on the leash and chewing seats.

This training collar has a unique design with three buttons that are separated for easy operations. With an easy to use interface, this training collar is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. Once you purchase extra training collar you can be able to train up to two dogs.

Just like most other electric dog collars this device has three different training modes i.e. vibration, shock and tone.

Other features

  • Variable stimulation level between 0-100.
  • Remote training range is up to 330 yards.
  • LCD display for reading stimulation level.
  • Transmitter and receiver are waterproof. They also have rechargeable batteries.
  • 1-year warranty once you purchase from an authorized dealer.
  • Perfect training collar for obedience training, barking, digging etc.
  • All collar dog size i.e. large, small or medium.
  • Power saving mode i.e. automatic standby etc.

Vinsic dog training collar

Vinsic dog training collar review

Click image to check price

VINSIC Company has been there since 2008.They mainly focus on study of pet behavior so that they can be able to explore better ways of pet and their owner’s communication. If you need to train your dog and make him/her be well behaved, you need to purchase Vinsic dog training collar.

This remote dog training collars is very effective in both indoor and outdoor activities. Some of the behaviors that you can control include the following:-

  • Chewing
  • Barking
  • Digging
  • Jumping,
  • Aggression etc.

Below are key features that you will like in this stubborn dog remote shock collar:-

  • Unique design with easy to operate buttons.
  • LCD display for checking stimulation level.
  • Three different training modes i.e. shock, vibration and beep.
  • Remote training range up to 300ft.
  • Remote and receiver have rechargeable batteries.
  • Waterproof shock collar for wetland training.
  • Perfect for training up to 2 dogs at the same time.
  • Power saving mode.
  • Receiver straps that are adjustable.

Exuby 2x shock collar

Exuby 2x shock collar review

Click image to check price

Another in the best dog training collars for stubborn dogs list is Exuby shock collar. At the time of writing, this article this training collar for dogs had over 1105 reviews on amazon and over 200 answered questions. Even though this e-collar has not gained, a lot of popularity   among dog owners I can tell it is a good by looking at positive reviews on amazon.

Below are key features we liked in this e collars for dogs.

  • Train up to two dogs at the same time with one remote.
  • Four different training modes i.e. light, beep, vibration and shock.
  • Variable stimulation levels from 0-100.
  • Combines clicker training and shock to deliver fast results.
  • Receiver and remote are rechargeable.
  • Exuby 2x shock collar is made using quality material therefore it is durable.
  • Has both power saving mode and memory function.
  • Adjustable collar receiver capable of fitting all dog size.
  • Safe training with auto-protect mode.
  • Comes with Lithium ion batteries.

Package contents

The package will include the following:-

  • One remote.
  • 1 collar receiver
  • Training clicker.
  • Two adjustable collar receiver made using nylon straps.
  • Charging cable
  • Charge

Slopehill Dog Training Collar

Slopehill Dog Training Collar review

Click image to check price

Make training easy with Slopehill remote dog trainer. If you are not ready to control dog-bad behavior, it is likely going to affect your relationship with the dog. This can lead to you abandoning the dog or even letting someone adopt it.

With use of Slopehill dog training Collar, you can train your pet how to behave well. You can reinforce basic important commands like sit, come, stay etc. Unwanted behaviors like digging, barking and jumping can easily be corrected.

What we liked in this training collar

  • Four training modes that include light, shock, vibration and beep modes.
  • Perfect for solving dog obedience problem.
  • Remote capable of training up to 3 dogs.
  • Adjustable collar size capable of fitting 10 to 110 lbs.
  • Training range up to 2600ft and in highly terrain it can go up to 350ft.
  • Perfect for park and yard training.
  • Receiver and remote are waterproof.
  • Comes with polymer batteries that take 2-3 hours to charge and can last for up to 20 days of training.
  • Variable stimulation level of 0-99.

Pettech pt0z1

Pettech pt0z1 review

Click image to check price

Pettech pt0z1 training collar is an easy to use training device perfect for both professional trainers and pet owners. You can train all dog size between 10-100lbs.Another good thing about this training tool is that it is waterproof therefore you do not have to get worried when your dog gets inside water.

With three different training modes i.e. beep, light, vibration and shock Pettech pt0z1 premium shock collar this is right training device for different dog breeds with different temperament. Both vibration and shock have variable stimulation level that ranges between 1 and 100.

Pettech pt0z1 training system include transmitter with LCD screen that is capable of reaching a training range of 1000feets.This training collar comes with lithium ion battery that charges easily. The collar also has auto protect mode that conserves battery charge.

In case you are stuck, using the shock collar you can refer to pettech pt0z1 manual. You can use this remote trainer to correct the following:-

  • Excess barking
  • Leash pulling when walking.
  • Aggression
  • Behavioral obedience.

 Final word

We can also group these types of shock collars in another category as the best shock collar for big dogs. The reason is because big dogs are very strong and it is hard to control them. The ones that pull on the leash it proves to be hard to take them for a walk when they are on a normal regular collar. I do not recommend someone owning small size dogs like pugs and Shih Tzu to use these aversive training shock collars.

 Best no bark collar

Below is a review of top best no shock bark collar available in the market. These no-bark collars can be useful when you want to curb barking in small, large and average dog sizes. Our review focuses mainly on bark collars that use shock. The reason why we have not review spray no-bark collars is because we belief shock is suitable for stubborn dogs. You could be wondering how electronic bark collar works. Below is explanation.

How electric bark collars work

The only difference between remote dog training collars and no-bark collars is the use of transmitter. Remote collars or e-collars comprise of transmitter and collar receiver. The remote training cannot function on their own they need someone to activate the remote so that collar receiver can deliver any type of communication.

However, when it comes to electric no bark collars they have sensors that are triggered when the dog barks. Once the sensors are activated, the collar receiver delivers static stimulation on the dog through the contact points.

The good thing about these electric no-bark collars is that they begin shocking the dog using the lowest stimulation level. The level increases through six levels as the dog continues barking in 30 seconds period. In case the dog stops barking the collar will reset itself and the process will start again. Every static stimulation correction I accompanied by a beep also.

It is important to note that the static shock correction is not very intense. It is a mild tingle and the collar is capable of adjusting depending on the dog temperament. With time, the dog will learn not to bark when they have collar on them.


Professional trainers recommend that first dog owners should address the reason why their dogs are barking uncontrollably before you start using no-bark collars.

Petsafe basic bark control collar

Petsafe basic bark control collar review

Click image to check price

When your home there some bad behaviors like uncontrolled barking you may not realize unless when your neighbors tell you. If you have addressed the reason why your dog barks and you have not found any reason, it is time to grab Petsafe basic bark collar and control that barking.

Here are reasons why I recommend petsafe no-bark collar

  • Collar is made using durable material.
  • Straps are adjustable for any dog size.
  • For safety, the collar straps have reflective material.
  • The collar is effective in stopping dog barking with humane and mild stimulation.
  • Uses the modern no-bark technology.
  • All dog size collar.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Long lasting batteries.
  • The no-bark collar is lightweight and waterproof.
  • Low batter indicator.
  • All dog size from 8lbs.

NPS No Shock Bark Collar

NPS No Shock Bark Collar review

Click image to check price

If you do not want to use shock to stop your dog barking you can consider purchasing NPS no shock bark collar. This no-bark collar is very effective and humane when it comes to addressing your dog barking behavior.

At the time of writing this article, NPS bark collar had over 2200 reviews on amazon with most of them being positive and five star rating. Unlike most other electronic dog collars , this collar uses vibration and sound to stop barking. The vibration is up to seven levels and this can immediately disrupt dog.

The collar has + and – buttons so that you can increase and decrease intensity level. The dog collar is made using 2 plastic prongs that delivers vibration when the dog barks.

Another important feature in this training collar is ability to detect when your dog barks. It does not pick sounds from other dogs or objects. In case your dog shakes or scratches it body, the collar will not activate. This feature is very important because it prevents accidental stimulations even when your dog is not barking.


  • Long straps for all dog size.
  • Material on the collar is hypoallergenic and comfortable on your dog neck.
  • Water-resistant for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Perfect for any dog breed.

Choke chain collars for dogs

Sometimes when it comes to dealing with stubborn dogs, it is very hard to avoid the use of choke collars. If you are a dog owner who can’t avoid their use, below are two great choices for you.

StarMark Training Collar

StarMark Training Collar review

Click image to check price

Our choice for top choke collar is Starmark training collar. This training collar is gentle and very effective when it comes to dogs that love to pull on the leash. You can prevent lunging and pulling when leash walking.

The collar is a perfect fit for both small and large dogs that are between 15 and 21 inches. The collar also has watchband for adjusting the collar size. In case, you have more dogs there are additional links that are sold separately.

  • All dog size.
  • Helps to train dogs effectively and gently.
  • Suitable for 20-inch large dogs.
  • Made by experts dog trainers.
  • You can add or remove links.

Platinum Pets Stainless Steel choke collar

Platinum Pets Stainless Steel choke collar review

Click image to check price

Platinum pets choke collar is an 18 inch and 3mm thick dog chain suitable for stubborn dogs that love to pull. This choke collar cannot rust like other ordinary choke collars.

  • Package weight is 1.0 pounds.
  • Durable and strong collar.
  • Made in the USA.

Coastal pet choke collar

Coastal pet choke collar review

Click image to check price


  • Training choke collar for gentle dog control.
  • Heavy chain that is chrome plated for durability.
  • The choke collar cannot break or rust.
  • It is 22 inches long and 4.o mm thick.

Prong collar for dogs

Prong collar are similar like choke collars however they have prongs on the inside side of the chain. When the dog pulls on the leash, the prongs press on the dog skin causing some pain hence discouraging them to stop pulling. However, prong collars can be very dangerous because they can hurt your dog. In case you want to use them, use them sparingly when it is necessary and below are two options for you.

Herm sprenger prong collar

Herm sprenger prong collar review

Click image to check price

Herm Sprenger prong collar is a quick release training tool because it has HS Scissor that releases the dog. The design of these collars is unique because they are capable of spreading the pressure throughout the dog neck and not concentrating in one point.

The links ends are round in shape so that they can safely correct the dog whenever they do not behave well. In terms of quality, you do not have to worry about that because you know products made from Germany how durable they are. Fine quality material is used.

Other features

  • Snap for easy neck fastening.
  • Collar available in different sizes for different dogs.
  • Breakage and rust
  • Made for safe training.
  • Capable of restraining strong dogs.
  • Made using steel that is chrome plated to prevent rusting.

Special use collars

In special use collars, we have Elizabethan collars. Elizabethan collars are not training collars but they are collars for preventing dog from licking neck wounds. These collars also can be useful when attaching other dog collars on your dog neck. They can prevent your dog being injured.

BENCMATE Inflatable Collar

BENCMATE Inflatable Collar review

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BENCMATE Inflatable Collar is a soft dog recovery collar that has a unique design meant for preventing the dog or cat from licking injuries on it neck. The good thing about this training collar is that it does not interfere with how your dog eats or drinks. The dog will have its normal life. Perfect for dogs that are recovering from surgery. When not in use, the collar is deflectable for easy storage.

Key features

  • Scratch resistant inflatable collar perfect for preventing dog injuries.
  • Comfortable on the dog neck.
  • Easy to store.
  • The collar is adjustable to any dog size.
  • Stable and durable.
  • Lightweight

Comfy cone e-collar for dogs

Comfy cone e-collar for dogs review

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Comfy cone e-collar for dogs is a soft and enables your dog or cat to heal surgery wounds or even injuries they may get with prolonged use of prong or choke collars. Material used to make this comfy cone collar is foam combined with nylon.

This material is water resistant and can be cleaned easily. It is easy to put on and off the cone on the dog because this collar has Velcro for tight closures. The cone can also be turned inside out so that it can support dog shoulder and upper neck area.


  • Comfy Cones has three different sizes that allows it to be adjusted to any shape.
  • It is comfortable because it is cone-shape, has foam backed by nylon padding.
  • Approved by veterinarian.
  • It is water resistant.

Kong cloud collar for dogs

Kong cloud collar for dogs review

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Kong cloud is a soft collar for both cats and dogs. It is comfortable on the pet neck and it does not interfere with dog eating and ability to play. Perfect for dogs that have neck wounds.

  • Has tough fabric that cannot tear or rip.
  • The collar is machine washable.
  • All dog size i.e. 13-18 inches.
  • Comfortable and flexible on dog neck.

What to consider when buying stubborn dog shock collar

Just like other dog-training products that you intend to buy, you should put into consideration some factors.

Shock collar usage

When purchasing a shock collar for stubborn dogs it is very important to consider your collar intended usage. Apart from remote training using shock collars and controlling barking, shock collars can also be used in pet containment system.

The pet containment systems that use shock collars are also known as invisible dog fences. They are capable of keeping a dog in a specified area of the yard. Remote shock collars are for training dog obedience and curbing bad behavior.

Anti-bark collars that use shock collar are for stopping excess dog barking. Some dogs tend to bad with no reason when left alone. No-bark shock collars are capable of detecting when dog barks and then they then deliver a static shock on their neck to stop them barking.

Stimulation level and types

Best training collar for stubborn dogs should not only have variable stimulation level but also it should have different stimulation types like Continuous and momentary. A good training shock collar should have variable stimulation level between 0 and 100.

The dog trainer you can begin with the lowest setting level then with time you can increase level depending on how the dog responds. Sometimes high shock level in dogs can cause them to become afraid. Even though most organizations do not recommend the use of shock collars for behavior change, they are effective when it comes to dog training.

Momentary and continuous are two different stimulation types. Momentary is quick and last for very few seconds but it is very effective in getting dog attention. Continuous stimulation allows you to shock your dog continuously over a length of time.

Training modes

Most of dog training collars have at least three different training modes. These are beep, vibration and shock. Beep and vibration alone may not be suitable for training stubborn dogs because they may fail to respond.

However, combining the use of the three training modes you can be able to achieve good results in training.

Remote controls

Dog training collars consists of remote or transmitter and collar receiver. The transmitter is a very important when it comes to training. A good shock collar unit should have a remote that has controls for easy usage. Best shock collar for training stubborn dogs should have following features in its remote:-

  • LCD Screen
  • Rheostat dial.
  • Buttons
  • Battery indicator

The LCD screen is very important. The trainer can be able to check stimulation level and it is easy to get precise stimulation for your dog. Rheostat dial is useful to adjust and vary intensity level of the shock. In addition, battery indicator is also important because you can be able to know when battery charge level is depleted. Lastly, every remote has a few buttons. These buttons can be useful when turning on and off the remote. The buttons should be placed in the right place so that they can allow blind operation without looking at the remote.

Another important factor to consider is transmitter shape and weight. The remote should be small size for easy storage and lightweight for carrying it.


Collar receiver is the device that delivers shock on the dog neck. It has straps and two contacts points that touch dog neck. Most buyers do not take time to look at the collar receiver. They only pay attention to the transmitter.

Before you make a purchase, consider the following key things:-

  • Collar straps size.
  • Battery indicator.
  • Contact points

Shock collars can be used to train different dog size i.e. small, large or medium. Buy a training shock collar with a receiver that has long straps capable of fitting any dog size.

When taking a walk at night, collars that have reflectors are safer because they make your dog visible at night. This feature is something you should not ignore if you love your pet.

Battery indicator is another feature also. It is important to note that when charging remotes also collars are charged. Battery indicator in a collar receiver will notify you when you are required to recharge your collar.

Lastly, contact points are made using different materials. Best contacts points are silicone coated. Silicone coating is safe because it prevents dog skin from getting injuries.


Waterproof in shock collars means their ability to prevent or resist water getting inside them. Good shock collars uses DryTek technology that makes them waterproof and submersible into water up to 25 feet’s.

Both receiver and remote are better when they are waterproof. They will enable you to train in any weather even when it is raining.


There are different types of batteries out there in the market. When purchasing dog-training system go for the one that uses lithium-ion batteries. These types of batteries are capable of charging for only 2 hours and they can last for more than 50 hours of training.

Remote training range

It is the last factor to consider but not the least. Mostly, long-range training collars will cost you more than short-range training collars. If you do not intend to use your collar in training your dog how to hunt or you do not own large property of land you do not require a long-range training collar.

Training collar with remote range of 440 yards can be suitable for yard and park training. However, the remote training range is greatly affected by terrain. Hilly terrain means   that the signal weakens therefore you should put that in mind.

Frequently asked questions

How to fit remote dog training collar properly?

When it comes to remote collar training, proper fitting of the e-collar is very important. Below are steps you should follow to properly fit shock collar.

  • Turn on the collar first.
  • Make sure your dog is standing before you fit the collar.
  • If the dog has thick fur on the neck, use a comb to separate it so that contacts points are able to touch the skin. Also, use the long electrodes for longhaired dogs.
  • Put the collar receiver on the dog neck.
  • Check if the collar is fitting well on the dog neck using one finger.
  • Before you can begin training, allow your dog to wear the collar receiver for one week or more so that it can get used to having the device on the neck. This will also prevent dog-becoming collar wise i.e. making them able to distinguish e-collar and normal collar.
  • On the training day, check the collar to make sure it perfectly fits on the dog neck. Ensure the collar receiver has a snug fit on the dog neck.
  • Turn on the collar to test it and incase it does not work properly begin troubleshooting so that It can pair with remote.


Why are dog training collars important?

Dog training collars are very important in day-to-day activities. Below are some of the benefits of training collars.

Curb bad behavior from a distance

Before shock collars came into use, most training methods could only work when you are close to the dog. However, with introduction of e-collars for dogs you can be able to stop pet from doing a bad behavior.

Shock collars are effective especially when training your dog off-leash because you can issue commands from a distance. These devices can ensure your pets are safe while taking a walk around the park or yard.

Training collars are good choice for different dog breeds

While most animal activists believe that dog shock collars are inhumane training methods these ecollars are very effective. They can be adjusted to train different types of dogs depending on they respond. You can find the right stimulation for every dog using Rheostat dial.

Another good thing about training collars is that you can control more than one dog at the same time. For stubborn dogs that cannot be strong by use of normal walking leash or food treats, shock collar with high intensity stimulation can work well.

Off-leash training is easy with training collars

Leash is very important training requirement especially when you are on the park or walking your dog. However when around the yard or your house you can leave your dog off leash and allow them to play outside.

Before you can let your dog off leash, first you have to train them using e-collar so that they can get used to the commands. Once the dog starts to understand the communication, you eventually replace leash with remote as another method of communication.

Off leash training is a not a one day process and when your dog get used to it, they can enjoy the freedom and you will have peace of minding.

Can work when you are away

Some training collars like containment systems and no-bark collars  can function without requiring your

input. Take for example no-bark collars. They have sensors that can detect when your dog barks and then they deliver static stimulation on the dog neck to stop barking. In addition, wireless dog fences can maintain dogs in a specified area and prevent them from getting into your neighbor’s yard.

Perfect for instant feedbacks

One hardest challenge of training dogs is giving them instant correction. Correcting your dog instantly when they do something bad is important because it helps them understand what they are doing is wrong.

Not only punishment also rewards should be given to dogs when they do something good at the right time. The fact that ecollars can work remotely they are the best for giving dog instant feedbacks.


Remote trainers are the most affordable dog training tools you can find. If you search for dog training schools near you and check the cost of training your dog, you will realize they are very costly.

Once you purchase remote dog training collars you are likely to save a lot of money. With as low as $50 you can get a basic collar that is effective.

Punishment comes from the collar

Even though positive reinforcement training is the one recommended for training dogs, you are likely to use punishment at one time. For example, you can use punishment to correct unacceptable behaviors and aggression.

When you hide the remote when training the dog will not be able to associate you with the behavior. Therefore, shock collar use will not affect relationship with the dog.

What is the strongest shock collar for large dogs?

The fact that very few collar manufactures disclose their products details, it is hard to state, which is the strongest collar. However, because we have reviewed several dog training collars  we are  capable of determining  the strongest electric dog collar by looking at the following factors:-

  • A strong shock collar should be able to continuous and constant strength stimulation to get dog attention. Weak shock collars tend to loose strength and become weak within few seconds. In addition, the shock collar should have powerful batteries that are capable of producing more charge.
  • Quality contact points are also important they are required to pass the static stimulation from the collar to dog skin. The contact points should also not cause any burning effect on the dog skin.
  • Remote training range is also very important when determining the collar strength. Strong remote are capable of communicating with collar receivers to a long range in different terrain compared with less powerful collars.


How long can you leave a shock collar on a dog?

Your dog should only wear the shock collar during training sessions. When indoors in do not expect you to put shock collar on your dog neck. Dog training sessions last between 20 minutes and 1 hour. Even If it is a no-bark collar, it should not be left on the dog neck for more than 12 hours.

In addition to the amount of time the dog wears collar, proper fitting is also very important. To avoid or prevent your dog getting rushes or sores on the neck do the following:-

  • Make sure the collar snugly fit on the dog neck. It should not be too tight or too lose.
  • Adjust collar position for every 1 hour.
  • Do not use electronic collar receiver with leash because you will add more pressure on the contacts points.

Are vibrating dog collars cruel?

Vibrating dog collars are not cruel, they are humane and friendly to dog. They do not cause any pain nor fear but they are capable of getting dog attention. Even though most vibrating dog collars have shock stimulation, option it’s not necessary you use it.

When it comes to training dogs that are sensitive, they are likely to respond to vibration or beep modes. Shock stimulation can be useful if you are training stubborn large dogs that can barely respond when you use vibration or beep.

Even though many dog behaviorists do not recommend the use of static stimulation, sometimes it is unavoidable. It is important to note that training using shock collars is not a inhumane method. Actually most training collars have variable stimulation level. Therefore, you can always set the correct intensity level depending on your dog.

Can small dogs have shock collars?

Shock collars can be used on any dog size. Big, small or medium there are perfect collars for each category. If you own a small dog that loves to chew seats, chasing other pets or jumping on your visitors getting a shock collar for small dogs can be helpful in curbing all these bad behaviors.

Success in the use of shock collars on any dog lies on three key things i.e. choosing the right training collar, setting correct intensity level and consistency in training. Shock collars are humane and they have variable intensity level. There is no reason for not using shock collar on your small dogs.

Are prong collars cruel?

Many dog owners will not believe this but the fact is that prong collars are not made to injure or harm any dog. They are not cruel because they designed to be humane and not to harm any dog. Very few dog owners use prong collars properly and this leads to injuries.

Just like other training tools, also, prong collars have their good and bad. There are those who believe they are effective and lifesaving training tools while others believe they are cruel training tools. This is evident with comments from social media.

Good about shock collars


And this is the right comment about prong collars

Bad about shock collars




There are different training collar options for your dog. If you own stubborn dogs, you have to be very cautious when picking the best shock collar for your stubborn dog. In our best training collar for stubborn dogs, some models stood out to be the ultimate training helpers.

  1. In the category for the best shock collars for stubborn dogs we recommend you purchase Dog care shock collar because of the following reasons:-
  • This is the top selling shock collar on amazon.
  • Positive reviews on amazon are over 17000.
  • Training collar has variable stimulation level between 0 and 100.
  • Three different training modes.
  • Capable of training up to nine dogs at the same time.
  • Remote training range up to 330 yards therefore perfect shock collar for yard and park training.
  1. If you want to purchase no bark collars, Petsafe basic bark control collar is a good brand for you. Pet safe company has been there for years and they are makers of the best dog training products. Not only no-bark collars but they also produce pet containment systems.
  2. For choke collars choose Starmark Training Collar and incase choke collars contain restrain your dog   you can go for a more tough training collar like prong collars. Best choke collar for stubborn dog is Herm springer prong collar
  3. Lastly, we introduced special use collars or Elizabethan collars. We found out that Elizabethan collars are not for training dogs but for preventing them from licking their wounds. Our choice for Elizabethan collars is BENCMATE Inflatable Collar

It is our hope in our best training collar for stubborn dog’s article will guide you in choosing the right training product. Remember dog training is not a one time process but it is a long process and consistency is very important.