Dogtra shock collar not working

Dogtra shock collar not working

My Dogtra shock collar not working, my dogtra collar won’t charge, these are some of the problems both professional and amateur dog trainers encounter on a daily basis. As a dog trainer, you should be able to learn e collar technologies troubleshooting methods. In this article, we will explain in detail how to troubleshoot a dogtra shock collar that is not working.

Dogtra collar is electronic devices and they can have malfunction just like any other equipment. However, the malfunctions problems are minimal and they are usually a cause of the human error. To avoid such errors you need to make sure that everything is working correctly before beginning the training. Below is the checklist.

Dogtra e-collar checklist

Check both receiver and transmitter

  1. Make sure both dogtra collars batteries in both receiver and transmitter are fully charged. A low power charge can make the two devices not to work consistently.
  2. Turn on both collar and remote and check if the collar is receiving signals from the transmitter. You can check if they have synchronized by activating the vibration and feeling it on your hand.
  3. Check if stimulation is working properly. You can use the lowest setting level and increase it to a level that you can be able to feel.

Check collar fitting

  1. For proper fit, the receiver should be placed near the dog-ears and not on the shoulders. Ensure the collar is fitting snug and contact points are touching the dog skin. A loose collar on the dog neck will make the contact points loose connection with the skin meaning the dog will not respond to any stimulation.
  2. If your dog has a long and thick coat this can become an insulator hence creating responses that are not consistent. It is recommended to brush and shave  long and thick coat regularly

Now that we have a proper fitting and in a good condition e-collar it is now time to troubleshoot why the dog is not responding consistently.

Troubleshooting guide

Dog not responding to stimulation

If the collar is fitting properly on the dog neck and it has synchronized with transmitter then you have to check the intensity levels of stimulation. In case you have different dogs you will realize some are more sensitive to static shock and they respond to very low-intensity levels while others respond to more intense shocks.

LED light is on but there is no stimulation

There are two possible reasons for this problem i.e

  1. You are more tolerant of the stimulation maybe try feeling it using your fingertips.
  2. Check batteries on the collar and remote if they have enough charge.
  3. The transmitter and collar may have not synchronized.

Weak stimulation when the dog is far away

Check for the following if the dog is not responding.

  1. Are the contact points touching the dog skin properly? If they are loose the stimulation levels can be weakened.
  2. Understand your terrain-The The training range indicated on every e-collar is when your training in flat terrain. If there are trees, bushes, tall buildings, and hills, they can affect how the collar and remote communication.
  3. Are there any electrical conductors? Electrical conductors like radio towers; cars, etc. can affect remote dog trainer communication.


E-collar is a great tool that is very important because it speeds up the dog training process. When consistently used you can be able to achieve very good results in training.

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3 comments on “Dogtra shock collar not working

  1. Gary R. Steere on

    My collar appears to be charged.
    When I turn it on with the controller you do not here the sharp tone, the light does turn green, but flashes slower than normal.

    When the locator button is pressed the collar only emits a frog croaking sound. (It will work normal every once in awhile.)


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