Troubleshooting E collar mini educator won’t turn on

Troubleshooting E collar mini educator won’t turn on

E collar mini educator won’t turn on is a common problem among both professional and amateur dog trainers. In this article, I will guide you on e collar technologies troubleshooting methods, how to use dog collars and other important tricks you need to know in order to be a successful trainer.

It is undoubtedly that mini educator e collar like et-300 is one of the best dog training shock collars available in the market. However, it is just an electronic device like any other and they can at a one-time breakdown. Even though some of the e-collar problems are just user-related, there are a few that are a result of a faulty dog-training collar.

Possible reasons why mini educator dog collar not working

Dog shock collars are very simple devices that you can easily troubleshoot. Understanding the possible causes of collar turning failure is the first step to easy troubleshooting if even it is a different brand like dogtra. Below is the troubleshooting guide.

Both Remote and receiver won’t turn on

If both remote and receiver are not turning on, ensure that the two batteries are fully charged. Most dog remote trainers have dual chargers meaning you can charge both remote and receiver at the same time. When the collar is charging the light should turn green.

If the batteries are fully charged then once you press min educators buttons to power the device on it should start.

Collar receiver not responding

First, make sure the remote is turned on. Try to press the button on the remote to send stimulation on the receiver and check if it will blink red. The receiver is likely not going to respond if remote and receiver have not synchronized.

Dog not responding  when stimulation button is pressed

A dog will not respond when the stimulation button is activated if the following are true:-

  • The stimulation level is little for the dog.
  • The receiver collar is loose on the neck, therefore, contact points not touching the dog skin.

You can check if stimulation is getting delivered by connecting a test light to see if it will blink.

Maximum training range has greatly reduced

You should check on the battery condition of both receiver and remote. Normally maximum training range will reduce as batteries charge drain out.

Now that you know how to troubleshoot e collar mini educator won’t turn on below are some of the dog training collars usage tips.

Using mini educator e collar

Reading mini educator manual can really be hectic because it is a document with several pages. You don’t have to worry because we have picked what is important and summarized it here.

How to charge mini-educator

Under normal mini-educator operations, the indicator blink is green. When stimulation is applied it will blink red. When batteries need to be recharged, it will also blink red.

No dog trainer would let the battery discharge completely. However, in order to increase battery life, it is recommended that you perform a calibration after every 3 months. Calibrating involves fully charging the battery and then discharging it completely.

Another important tip is that you should keep batteries away from heat. If you are not going to use e-collar for a long period, make sure the battery is 50% charged.

Charging mini-educator is quite easy with Dual Charger models that are capable of working with 00, ET-300-L, ZEN-300, ET-302, ET-302-L, etc. This charger is capable of charging both receiver and transmitter.

How to turn on mini educator shock collar

To start using mini educator shock collar you have to turn both receiver and remote on. To turn on the receiver on just place red small dog on the remote next to red dot on the collar receiver.

You also power on Remote by pressing the “L” button on the remote for not less than 2 seconds. To start tracking the receiver you need to activate its tracking light by short pressing ‘L’ on the remote.

Placing the remote antenna away from your body interference increases the training range.

How to use the mini educator dog collar

Before you can begin using mini educator dog collar make, sure you have done the following:-

  1. Fully charge remote and receiver.
  2. Ensure the transmitter and receiver have already synchronized and performed a test using your hand to deliver low-level stimulation.
  3. Set the Stimulation level to the lowest level.
  4. Let the dog have a collar receiver on its neck for at least one week before you can begin training.

You can start using mini educator collar and check how your dog responds to low stimulation levels. If the dog is not responding, increase the stimulation level. In case your dog turns aggressive because of the pain caused by shock, you will need to use a different training method that involves positive reinforcement.

How to change the boost level on an educator e collar

Boosting stimulation is done when dogs fail to respond to the normal “conditioning” level. Boost level should be set up higher than the normal conditioning i.e. at least 5 to 20 levels high. Below is how you can set a boost level for a dog using educator collar.

  1. Click to change Momentary Mode by pressing M/C button until it displays only M.
  2. Reduce intensity level to zero.
  3. Press and hold on the S button for at least 5 seconds.
  4. The stimulation level will drastically increase from 0 to 1 and it will start to blink.
  5. Boost level will increase to 60 once the Dial is rotated.
  6. To save and exit, press the S button that is black in color.


E collar technologies mini educator is a modern training device that is humane. You should experience minimal problems when working with this collar. We hope this article will help you to have an easy time as you go about training your dog.




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