E collar positive reinforcement

E collar positive reinforcement

E collar positive reinforcement training sounds like something that is not possible and cannot be achieved. This is because dog training collars or shock collars are stigmatized and several activists protests on their use. Their main claim is that these e-collars are inhumane and they cause a lot of pain on the dog.

In this post, am going to discuss how you can use zap collars for positive reinforcement.

e collar dog training

E-collar use is a very hot topic in dog training that has been discussed hotly for several years since they first came into use to help in hunting. Some group of dog trainer uses positive punishment while others use positive reinforcement to curb bad behavior or teach them your desired behavior.

Another group of dog trainers argues that e collar training techniques tend to punish or use reinforcement and punishment in training which is not effective.

We cannot settle this argument without concrete data from experiments done by expert dog trainers.

According to a study done by University of Lincoln (Cooper et al., 2014) they concluded the following about e collar training.

  1. E collar training methods really matters a lot. Improper use of e-collar makes dogs become more stressed than when it is properly used. Some of the poor collar training methods are like high stimulation level setting etc.
  2. Even if you correctly use e-collar in training, it is not advantageous over using positive reinforcement in training. Dogs that undergo training using positive reinforcement portray very little distress.
  3. Dog owners who brought the dogs to be trained using shock collars had little confidence in training their dogs by themselves at home. This shows that their dogs are likely to experience improper training.

It is quite clear that a positive e collar training method has good results more than when you just use e collar only. You do not have to go searching online for e collar dog training near me so that they can help you. Below is a detailed strategy that can help you begin e collar positive reinforcement.

Positive e collar training

According to me, a remote dog training collar is an effective training tool that I have been using to help my dog understand that bad behavior has negative consequences and positive behavior has rewards.

As a dog trainer, you can incorporate rewards like his/her favorite snacks once he obeys your commands. Other rewards or positive reinforcement can include playing with them, praising or patting the.

When the dog does not obey commands, you can use a shock collar. For example, your dog runs across the yard chasing your other dogs. You issue the come command. If he refuses to come, you should activate your remote that you have set at the lowest static level and then continue to issue the command. Once the dog comes back after getting shock stimulation to be ready with a reward once he/she comes back.

This is a very effective training method that can be used on any dog breed even the stubborn ones. It is easy to implement when you want positively reinforce already learned commands using a shock collar. You should not view the electronic training tool as a punishment tool but a device that can help you get dog attention when off-leash remotely.

Frequently asked questions

is a shock collar positive punishment?

Shock collar is a humane positive punishment. Electronic dog collars comprise of remote and receiver. When the remote is activated mild static shocks deliver on the dog neck which gets their attention and stops them from what they are doing.

Apart from stopping dog-bad behavior shock collars can also be used to reinforce commands. You can issue dog ‘come’ command and if they fail to respond you shock them continuously. The next time you issue them come command they will respond because they are aware of the discomfort that comes along when they do not obey you.

When can you start e collar training?

The perfect time to begin training is as early as possible. Some puppies at the age of 14 weeks are ready to begin training. Shock collars have adjustable receivers that are capable of fitting any dog size. Therefore the early you start the better.

Another good thing about shock collars is that they have variable stimulation levels and different training methods. This means you can begin training your small puppy using methods that do not cause a lot of discomfort on them. The early you start training the more you will bring up your dog well behaved.


E collar positive reinforcement achievable by combining shock collar and rewards when training. It is very clear that this method is very effective when it comes to dog training. Therefore, it is the high time you grab your best shock collar and some food treats to get started.

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