E-collar vs shock collar:Everything you need to know

E-collar vs shock collar:Everything you need to know

Every dog owner or starter trainer wants to understand the similarities and differences between e-collar vs shock collar. Some of the questions asked by dog owners who have pets with bad behavior include the following:-

Are shock collars cruel?

Are e-collars safe to use in dog training?

What are good e-collar training techniques?

In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about this debatable topic of e-collar vs shock collar.

Shock collar vs e-collar-What are the similarities and differences

It is very exciting to own pets however these pets can turn out to be very nagging and they can give you a headache when it comes to controlling them. The only way to correct and reform them is by training. There are different training methods and one of the most controversial ones is e-collar training. The fact that there are many dog collars available in the market it can be hard choosing the right model for your dog. However, before we can even buy a shock collar left first understand what are these training devices.

What is an e collar?

E-collar is a dog-training tool that comprises of remote and collar receiver with straps for wearing on the neck. The transmitter or remote is capable of sending signals that activate static shock stimulation, beep or vibration.

Understanding e collar and shock collar

Shock collars and e-collars refer to the same thing .E-collar is short for electronic collars. The shock collar term was a term that was coined by people who protested on the use of e-collars. The first shock collar model was purposely developed to train hunting dogs. The static stimulation level was not variable and it was very intense.

The fact that these training devices used static shock to get dog attention, people started referring to them as shock collars.

Modern e-collars are not the same as those olden days shock collars. They are more humane because they have variable stimulation levels and different training modes. Instead of using electronic shock, modern dog collars use electronic stimulation to stimulate dog sensory receptors to get their attention.

We can conclude that shock collar and e-collar refer to the same dog-training tool. However, their only difference is that one term is old fashioned while the other is modern. It’s because of that reason why electronic dog collars are gaining traction around the world.

How to use an e collar correctly

Proper ecollar training has proved to be very effective. This has been verified through various studies done across the world. The most recommend mode of training is e-collar positive reinforcement method. You can read more on this topic here

Below are some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to correct use of electronic collars:-

  • Don’t use e-collar to train new commands but use them to reinforce already learned commands like come, sit, go, stay, etc.
  • Do not leave collar receiver on the dog unattended. It is recommended once you are done training remove the collar receiver on the dog neck. Do not let them sleep wearing the collar.
  • Always hide remote while training. Do not allow your dog to associate you with the discomfort they feel on their neck because this can affect your bond.
  • Make sure the collar receiver perfectly fits on the dog neck. It should not hang loosely.
  • Do not use collar with leash.
  • Use static stimulation when it is necessary. Consider other training modes like vibration and tone.
  • Start training using the lowest stimulation level.
  • Do not let your dog become collar wise. Collar wise means that the dog will behave only when they are wearing an e-collar.
  • Do not buy collar before dog arrives at home.
  • Acquire some sufficient training from a professional trainer before you can begin using e-collar.


That all we had for e-collar vs shock collars topic. It’s quite clear that there is actually no difference between the two terms because they refer to the same thing, which is a remote dog training collar. When properly used ecollars cannot cause any harm to the dog because they have variable stimulation levels. It is high time you grab the educator collar model we recently review.

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