Dogtra 1900s review

Dogtra 1900s review

In this Dogtra 1900s review, we are going to look at all the key features you will find in this state of art best dog-training collar. We will compare Dogtra 1900s e-collar version with the older NCP version. Dogtra is a reputable company that has been there for over 20 years  making of e-collars with the following characteristics:-

  • Perfect fit and finish.
  • Instinctive design.
  • Good performance.

All the above features are clearly demonstrated in Dogtra 1900s. It is an ultimate remote trainer that is durable, dependable and crafted to withstand all demanding conditions you may face while training. This remote trainer has high output perfect for professional dog trainers and amateurs who want to start training.

When I first used Dogtra 1900s, I realized there are several improvements that have been added while incorporating all previous Dogtra 1900NCP model. Key features incorporated in 1900s from the previous version include the following:-

  • Large LCD screen with battery indicator.
  • Up to 127 stimulation levels.
  • Nick and constant stimulation modes.
  • Rechargeable and fully waterproof receiver and remote.

Once Dogtra 1900s was released back in 2016, it came out with many improvements. These are-

  • Ergonomic collar and very slim-line.
  • Longer training range up to ¾ mile.
  • Modern Lithium-ion batteries that rapidly charge within 2 hours.
  • Vibration mode.
  • Contact points capable of expelling water.
  • Pager non-stimulation training mode.
  • Remote with checkered grips.

Dogtra 1900s transmitter

Dogtra 1900s transmitter

Dogtra 1900s remote

The Dogtra 1900s transmitter is quite different comparing it with the older version which looks like a box. It has round edges that make the remote look more modern. Measuring 3.5×1.4×1.4 inches and weighing 4.4 ounces this remote is easy to carry therefore perfect for all kinds of training.

The transmitter has four basic and important buttons. They are perfectly placed for easy operation i.e. one button in front of the remote, on the left side are two other buttons and the left side is the fourth button.

Every button has a specific function. i.e.

Nick button

You can find this button on the top left side of the remote. Nick button is useful when a trainer wants to grab dog attention. When the button is pressed, it sends a static stimulation in a single and quick pulse to the dog collar. This button is used for nick stimulation training mode.

One key feature that will automatically impress you is how the Nick button has a raised letter “N”. The raised letter N looks like braille, therefore, you can easily differentiate which button you are holding because the Constant button is smooth. This feature enables you to keep an eye on the dog instead of remote while training.

Constant button

This button is found on the bottom left side of the remote and it is useful when you want to deliver constant or continuous stimulation on the dog collar. Auto shut safety feature activates after 12 seconds in case the button has not been released. This feature ensures your dog is not hurt.

Mostly constant stimulation is used when the dog is not responding to vibration or nick stimulation training mode.

Pager button

Dogtra 1900s remote has a pager button that offers high-performance pager i.e. clear vibration useful in alerting dogs while doing training. The button is located on the front side of the remote. When the button is pressed vibration pulses are sent on the collar receiver. When you long-press the pager button for more than 12 seconds it automatically shuts down. In order to activate again, you must press the button again.

On/off button

This is a very important button on any training e-collar because it helps in saving battery charge when you are not training. This button is on the right side of the remote for easy and quick access.

Turning the remote on is easy. You just need to long press and hold the button until the LCD screen lights up. A light press on the on /off button can turn either on or off the LCD backlight. Unlike most modern shock collars, Dogtra 1900s does not turn off automatically when idle.

Rheostat Dial

At the top of the remote next to antenna is a Rheostat dial and it is used in adjusting stimulation level setting from zero up to 127. The dial does not spin freely, you have to apply some force to turn it. This prevents accidental dog over stimulation.

The fact that you are able to vary the stimulation level from low to high makes it easy to train various types of dogs with different temperaments and sensitivity. For experienced dog trainers, they can use a pointer finger to turn the little fin making this remote a 1-handed operation.

Different color LED indicator

When the collar is on and ready for use, the LED indicator on the remote always flashes at least once in every 4 seconds. A press on any button will make the indicator to blink also on both remote and collar.

The LED indicator on remote also helps in warning the trainer of the battery level. Using different colors, you can be able to determine the state of your remote battery charge level. For example:-

  • Green color indicates the battery is fully charged,
  • Amber color indicates the battery has a medium charge.
  • Red color indicates the battery needs to be recharged.

Non-slip checkered grips

Another great feature in Dogtra 1900s remote is non-slip grips that are checkered. They prevent the remote from sliding away from your hands giving you total control while training.

In case you have a faulty remote, you can always search online for Dogtra 1900s replacement transmitter and you can order in the comfort of your home.

Dogtra 1900s collar

dogtra 1900s collar

dogtra 1900s receiver

New Dogtra 1900s collar receiver is quite different compared with the old collar versions that are out of the market nowadays. The collar is ergonomically designed and curves on the dog neck. The low profile curved design allows the dog to wear the collar for long hours without getting uncomfortable.

It is also a super duty collar, therefore; it can last for several years of intense training. Capable of withstanding all harsh conditions like being snagged by bushes it is a perfect collar for those who love to hunt.

To prevent backlash from the people who do not agree on the use of electronic training collars while taking a walk in the park, you can attach tags or leash on the D ring in the collar. By doing, so nobody will realize it is a shock collar unless he/she comes closer to your dog.

The receiver collar also has a light indicator that glows either in Green, amber or red color depending on the charge remaining in the batteries. The collar strap is long and it is capable of fitting a dog neck up to 26 inches.

Fitting collar on the dog neck

The receiver collars have two contact points that deliver static shock on the dog skin. If the collar is not properly fitted on the dog neck, they may fail to respond because they are not receiving the static stimulation.

A properly fitted receiver, the stainless steel contact points should press on the pet skin firmly. You should make sure that you are able to fit your index finger in between the dog skin and the contact point.

A loosely fitted collar that moves around the neck of the dog can make the contact points to rub the neck area causing skin irritation. A loose collar can also cause inconsistent corrections on the dog. The best position to place the collar is not under the windpipe but on the sides. If you have lost a collar or it is faulty, you can always purchase Dogtra 1900s replacement collar online or a local pet store near you.

Dogtra 1900s charger and batteries

Dogtra 1900s charger

Dogtra 1900s split charger

Both remote and collar come equipped with replaceable and rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries that rapidly charge in less than 2 hours. Lithium Polymer batteries is another big and key upgrade because the older versions used NiCd batteries that were less powerful and could hold a charge for lesser time.

This training device also comes with a Dogtra 1900s charger that has splitter cables. The splitter cables make it possible to charge both remote and receiver at the same time. The charger has 120-volt output and it is designed for use with only Dogtra e-collar. Using this charger with only Dogtra Lithium polymer batteries helps to avoid damage that can happen when another different charge is used.


  • Once you receive the collar, fully charge it for not less than 2 hours.
  • When not charging, remove the charger from the power socket.

Other key features

  1. Remote training range

Dogtra 1900 series is a perfect long-range training collar. With training range up to ¾ mile, this collar can be useful in waterfowl or upland hunting. You can also use this collar when off-leash training or taking a walk in the park.

  1. IPX9K certified waterproof collar

Made using 95% polyester and 5% nylon in the United States of America, Dogtra 1900s has a durable receiver that is 100% waterproof certified by IPX9K. The collar is capable of withstanding high pressure from a close range of liquid spray.

  1. Different stimulations

Dogtra 1900S have different stimulations. They include the following;-

  • Rheostat dial stimulation.
  • Nick mode stimulation.
  • Continuous stimulation
  • Pager/vibration (non-stimulating) mode.
  • Variable stimulation levels up to 127.
  1. Expandable up to two dogs

Dogtra 1900s transmitter is capable of training up to two dogs at the same time with an extra collar receive. 

  1. Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty applies only to customers who purchase this remote e-collar from an authorized Dogtra dealer.

Pros and cons of buying 1900S Training Collar

Pros Cons
Several different stimulations Does not have tone or beep training mode
Stainless steel contact points Short contacts point unsuitable for long-haired dogs
Lifetime warranty
Waterproof receiver and remote.
Rheostat dial that is durable
Well-positioned button for easy access and use
Raised N in Nick button quick pressing


Package contents

Dogtra 1900s remote training collar package contains the following items:-

  • Handheld remote.
  • One receiver collar with a black strap.
  • Charger.
  • Splitter cable for dual charging.
  • Testing light.
  • Dogtra 1900s manual.
  • Black lanyard
  • Belt clip that is metallic and screws for fixing.
  • Basic Dog obedience training DVD.
  • Long leash.

Recommended accessories you should purchase

Dogtra 1900s does not come with the following extra accessories that you may require in your training:-

  • Short and long contact points for different dog coats.
  • The auto charge for field training.
  • Extra collar receiver for another dog.
  • Dokken Dead Fowl for training hunting dogs.

Frequently asked questions

Who should buy Dogtra 1900s?

Dogtra 1900s is a remote training collar designed for all kinds of training scenarios i.e. tough and difficult ones. Professional and beginner trainers can use this ecollar in dog obedience training, hunting, etc.

This remote trainer is also perfect for a person who wants to train only one dog that weighs over 35 lbs. using only static and vibration modes.

Someone also looking for a durable training collar with ergonomic design and a versatile tool for indoor and outdoor activities should go for this. It is cheap compared with other Dogtra models.

How do you sync a dogtra 1900s collar?

Dogtra 1900s e-collar is capable of training one or two dogs. Below are steps you should follow to code set collar and remote.

One-dog system.

  1. Press the power button on the transmitter to turn it on. Set the stimulation level to zero using a Rheostat dial.
  2. Look for a red dot at the back of the remote and collar then place them together. For 5 seconds hold the two red dots together and release them when indicators blink green color.
  3. After releasing, the red dots before 5 seconds are over press both Nick and constant button at the same time for at least 3 seconds or when you note a slow green blink on the indicators.

If the indicator blinks once in four seconds after being green for one second then the two devices have paired.

Two –dog system

  1. Press on and off button to turn on the remote and set the stimulation level to zero.
  2. For the black or green-collar set the toggle button in front of the collar to “upper position”, while the Orange collar to “lower position”.
  3. Place the red dot on the remote next to red dots in the collars, hold them together for 5 seconds, and immediately release them when the Light indicator blinks green.
  4. After releasing, the dots apart within 5 seconds press the first and second buttons for 3 seconds at the same time and release when indicator blinks in a slow pace.

Is dogtra 1900 waterproof?

The answer is yes. Dogtra 1900 collar is 100% waterproof certified by IPX9K meaning this device passes International Protection Marking System. It is capable of withstanding a high-pressure liquid spray that is at a close range from four different angles (80-100 bars pressure and Temp 176°F).

The fact that this collar is waterproof it becomes a good choice for dog trainers who want to train their dogs on how to waterfowl hunt and other wetland activities.


If you completely read Dogtra 1900s review, you will agree with me that this ecollar is a good choice for someone looking for a durable and versatile training tool. It is capable of training up to two dogs at the same time. Comparing this ecollar with the older versions, there are many improvements that make dog-training sessions enjoyable. For example, checkered grips ensure you maintain a firm grip on the remote while running or going down a cliff. Do you think this ecollar is worth purchasing? If the answer is No, then you should read Ez educator 900 review


Ez educator 900 review -Best High tech dog training collar

Ez educator 900 review -Best High tech dog training collar

Ez educator 900 is a high tech dog-training collar designed with safety in mind. It has very unique and impressive features that make it more humane and effective in dog training.

This is the right shock collar for dog owners and trainers looking e-collar technology that surpasses others available in the market in terms of design and features. Easy educator ez-900   has a wide range of stimulation levels and different training modes that makes it possible to train small or more sensitive pets as well as big and stubborn ones.

In case you may want to own more dogs in the future, this remote trainer is expandable up to four dogs, therefore, you will be required to buy only the ez900 collar. Despite being very versatile and high tech surprisingly this device is very easy to set up compared with others.

Most educators e collar including this one have the “Lock and Set “feature. This feature enables the dog trainer to set “working level and boost level”. You can easily customize your easy educator ez-900 using it computer interface that is unique and user-friendly. Explained below are other key features.

Key features

Ergonomic design

Ez educator 900 ergonomic design

ez educator 900 e-collar

This e-collar is ergonomically designed for easy operations. You can adjust stimulation levels easily using dial while keeping your eye on the dog.

During the night, tracking light enables you to flash the collar receiver or light it continuously to locate your dog position. Since remotes are small gadgets that can be misplaced easily, the beeper feature helps you in finding it. This collar also comes with a dual charger that is capable of charging both receiver collar and remote at the same time.

Quick and instant stimulation

One of the advancements that have been made for decades in e-collars is the addition of instant stimulation mode. This mode reduces the chances of surprising dogs with a shock especially when stimulation level above 30 is applied to the dog.

All stimulations levels are applied from zero and using dial-up you can increase stimulation until you get a response. This feature helps in improving the dog-learning process especially when boundary training etc.

Up to 7 different vibration training modes

Once you purchase any easy educator e collar model, at hand you will have seven different vibration training modes. They are very efficient for people who own different dog breeds. They include the following:-

  • H, M, and L –High, medium and low continuous vibration.
  • TS-H, TS-M and TS-L-High, medium and low tapping sensation.
  • TA-These are two seconds of medium continuous vibration.

Four tone types

This ecollar has four selectable tone types. These are H, M, and L standing for high, medium and low constant tone. The other tone is PA, which is two seconds of medium continuous tone stimulation.

Visible LCD screen display

Easy educator ez-900 lcd display

You can check battery level and current settings with an LCD display that is night blue.

Level lock for stimulation.

Over-stimulation caused by unintentional dial movement can be prevented using lock level features.

Selectable boost level

Users can select boost levels from one to 60 useful when the dog does not respond to normal training levels.

Different size contact points

ez900 collar contact points

Sold separately are stainless and titanium contact points. You can also choose the right contact point depending on your dog breed i.e. long, short or medium short-haired.

What package contains

  • Mini educator e collar waterproof collar and remote.
  • Bio thane collars.
  • Two different contact points sets.
  • Tool for removing contact points.
  • Dual charger.
  • Splitter cable for a charge.
  • Ez900 collar manual.
  • Lanyard and belt clip.

Ez educator 900 troubleshooting

In case, you are having a problem with your device you can always refer to EZ educator 900 manual or also read mini educator troubleshooting guide we wrote here. Most of the problems faced by dog trainers using e-collars are user-related and failure to follow instructions properly.

Ez educator 900 software download

If you have bout your ez900 educator collar and you are willing to make changes to the remote training device you can download the latest computer interface software here.


It is my hope this  Ez educator 900 review article will help you make the right choice. It is indubitable that this is not the best high tech dog training collar.